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Super Psychedelic Rock in ORKZ bar

Datum: 09-12-2017
Locatie: ORKZ bar
Aanvang: 22:30
Zaal open: 22.00
Entree: onbekend

Saturday 9 December
A super Psychedelic rock night!
Doors open 22:00 and first band starts 22:30!

An Evening With Knives : For those of you who want to categorize, this band from Eindhoven would fall somewhere between post-metal, post-rock and psychedelic stoner doom. They produce a layered and energetic sound with unexpected turns. No matter what, they always keep it dark, heavy and captivating.

MAUDLIN : According to themselves, these Belgians play very loud, raw & psychedelic rock. Their moving melodies carry you over a sea of sound and emotion. You’re flooded by rough and powerful riffs with a sludgy and sometimes doomy vibe, alternated by delicate, hypnotizing guitars and deep vocals that’ll make you feel like you’re drowning. Maudlin’s sound is deafening and intense, while at the same time surprisingly fragile.