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OOO + + Tense Reaction + Youth Deprivation in ORKZbar

Datum: 15-12-2018
Locatie: ORKZbar
Aanvang: 22:00
Entree: onbekend

December.. “It’s the most wonderful time.. of the year”.. Well, yeah. We thought this was the perfect time to rock out to some local punk/harcore heroes!!

Doors open: 22:00 / First band: 22:30
Check out the Facebook event and invite your friends!

OOO: Out Of Order, is an all-girl garage-/post-punkband from Groningen. Their upbeat, cleancut songs with an oldschool surfy feel to it have already been heard in Vera and other venues – but it’s their first time in the ORKZ!

Tense Reaction: Super pissed off, fast, raging hardcore from a bunch of scene-veterans! HARDCORE HARDCORE!!

Youth Deprivation: Have you heard about this Groningen based Hardcore/Punk band yet? They are a mysterious bunch.. With no website or page to link too, you will just have to believe us when we say: you don’t want to miss this new, fresh band with members knows to the local scene!

Bron: ORKZbar site