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Döner Fest bij ORKZ bar no events scheduled right now.

Datum: 28-03-2020
Locatie: ORKZ bar
Aanvang: 21:00
Entree: onbekend

We thought it time to hit you guys with a long night of Grönneger doom/stoner, or: Döner!
Open: 21:00 | Start: 21:30
Cash only!

If you're wondering whether you'll get to eat some actual döner at Döner Fest; probably not. But you will get to taste some of the best doom and stoner this city has to offer!
Line up, in no particular order:

Black Fuse
Energetic, tight and at times heavy as hell. Playing a groovy mix of stoner rock, sludge and straight up rock 'n roll.

Chief of Smoke
Inspired by the seventies and in particular the Vietnam War, Chief of Smoke navigates the listener through gloomy, boggy and fiercely contested battlegrounds. Genuine stoner with a touch of doom.

Soul Theft
From crushingly heavy guitar screechy rumble to oozy woozy effecto crescendo and everything in between, these guys hit you with a mix of stoner and doom, topped of with a pinch of sludge.

Consisting of (ex)members from Ortega, Grinding Halt and Wolvon, this four piece play a dark mix of sludge and doom, creating a bleakness that serves to shape a dismal and forsaken uneasiness.