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Titel: Tales of Silver Wolves
Release: 10 december 2016
Code: TIN 13082311
Drager: CD,Digitaal bestand
Type: Album
Genre(s): folk, pop, singer/songwriter
  1. The Pagan Dances
  2. Blue Cozmic Will
  3. Indian Summer
  4. Summer into Fall
  5. Silent Change
  6. Not into Oblivion
  7. Loose in Illusion
  8. On Sandy Roads
  9. To be heard with eyes closed
  10. Nomads
  11. Urban Moves
  12. Strings of Fire
  13. Fairy Friend
  14. Faithful Ground


Opname:                                      UnderCover Studio
Mix:                                                The Inspirational North
Mastering:                                  Bauke van der Laaken/ The Inspirational North
Productie:                                   The Inspirational North
Datum opname(s):                  oktober 2014 - juni 2016
Hoesontwerp:                           The Inspirational North
Artwork:                                      The Inspirational North
Fotografie:                                  The Inspirational North
Bezetting tijdens opname: Coos Grevelink en Yvonne Swarts