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Periode: 1970 - nu
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Internationally Vera is probably the best-known stage for alternative music in Groningen, and it is one of the most appreciated music venues in the Netherlands.

In 1899 a group of Protestant students founded a debating society called 'Veri Et Recti Amici' (Latin for ‘True and Sincere Friends’), better known as VERA. Personal development and friendship were of central importance for the association, and for a long period of time the private club was only open to Protestant members.

This changed in the fifties under the influence of social change. They first allowed students of all denominations to become a member, and from 1970 onwards, VERA was accessible to all those who were interested.

Four years later the student association formally changed to an open, left-wing youth centre, and their main focus was on politics and culture. After a turbulent period in the seventies, the main focus shifted to culture, and especially modern music, and Vera became an official music venue in 1986.


Many bands that perform in Vera aren’t recognized by the rest of the Netherlands, (and the world) until some time later. These bands include Joy Division, Simple Minds, U2, Killing Joke and Nick Cave, and Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Beck in later years.

Nowadays Vera is known as ‘Club for the International Pop Underground’.

During the past 15 years bands that have played here include Dead Moon, Sebadoh, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Godspeed You Black Emperor!,  and The White Stripes.


As one of its main festival locations, Vera has been of great importance to the Eurosonic Festival, ever since the official start in 1995. Bands like The Libertines, Franz Ferdinand and Editors became famous after their appearance here. Click on the link below for the full version of the history of Vera during the Eurosonic Festival.