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De Stadsschouwburg, Groningen’s premier theatre venue was built in 1883, based on a design by Frederik Willem van Gent and Hugo Pieter Vogel.

The Vereeniging Toneelgebouw (theatre building association) initiated the construction of the theatre. The main hall of the impressive Neo-Renaissance building in the Turfsingel has a classic layout with three rows of balconies. Today, depending on the position of the stage, the theatre seats 750 people.

In the sixties, the building appeared to be in such a bad condition that demolition was seriously considered. Fortunately this never happened, and major renovations took place between 1976 and 1984. During this renovation period, artist Irene Verbeek made the modern ceiling paintings in the foyer and the main hall (Apollo and the Muses), that have prompted some discussion.

Urban Sax spectacularly reopened the Stadsschouwburg with the show “Pandemonium a Groningen” in 1994. The theatre was made a national monument in 1994. In 2008, the Stadsschouwburg Groningen celebrated its 125th anniversary with a 125-day festival.


Although drama, theatre, dance and cabaret predominate, the Stadsschouwburg has hosted various music acts. Captain Beefheart is one of them. Groningen-based bands such as Pearl Ash and Audiotransparant have also played here. Audiotransparant even presented their album “Checkov Guns” here in 2009. Guest musicians joined the band specially for the occasion.


The Stadsschouwburg has been an official Eurosonic venue since 2007, with acts like The XX (UK) and Hjaltalín (IS).