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Periode: 1996 - nu
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News Café


The News Café is located in a modern building between Groningen’s two main squares, the Grote Markt and the Vismarkt, on the corner of the Waagstraat. It is part of the Waagstraat complex, which stands on a historically important spot: at the end of World War II the Grote Markt was the scene of heavy fighting, and after the liberation days in 1945 a large part of the square was reduced to ruins.

In 1962 the ‘new’ town hall was erected here, but it was granted only a short lease of life. It was demolished in 1994, to be replaced by the present day Waagstraat complex.

Food is served during daytime at the grand café. The basement, that used to be an atomic fallout shelter for the former town hall, has been transformed into a trendy night-club where, at the weekends, you can dance to different music styles, including deep soul, garage and Latin house.


DJs who used to make a regular appearance at the turntables here, and who subsequently gained a national reputation, include: Manga, Leroy Rey and Chocolate Brown. The News Café regularly organizes special nights, and the club can also be rented for private events.


It has been a venue for the Eurosonic Festival since 1999. In the year 2000 their line-up included Racoon, followed by Da Zombi Squad a year later, and Bettie Serveert in 2003. Other names include: Rapalje (2004), DJ’s C-Mon & Kypski en Kraak & Smaak (2006) and Norwegian pop/folk band Katzenjammer (2009).