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Periode: 1973 - nu
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De Oosterpoort


The Oosterpoort is a cultural centre in Groningen that stages both classical music and larger pop concerts, as well as festivals like Noorderslag.


The Oosterpoort was founded in the early seventies, and when the main hall was designed, they attempted to achieve the same unique acoustic results that the Harmonie concert hall used to have, before it was demolished. This, however, didn’t turn out to be realistic. In the early nineties new offices were added to the building, and the exterior was renovated. A sculpture was added to its façade, and the main entrance was moved to the Trompsingel street.

Besides the main hall, that is partly an amphitheatre (seating 1850 people), and the smaller hall (seating 750 people), many other areas of the building are used for performances.


Originally the main focus of the Oosterpoort was on classical music, and pop music concerts only took place occasionally. Thanks to the programmers Peter Smidt and his successor Peter Sikkema, the focus shifted to pop music, which was unique in the Netherlands. Well-established names ranging from Willie Nelson to Steve Vai or Tool, but other talents as well, like more recent The National and Bon Iver appeared on stage here. It is also the spot for festivals like Clash, Trad-It! and Take Root.


Both programmers play an important role in the development of the Eurosonic Noorderslag Festival. The Oosterpoort has housed Noorderslag ever since it started off in 1986, when it was still a playful music contest between Dutch and Belgian bands.

The line-up for the festival has included Caro Emerald, Candy Dulfer, De Dijk, DJ Tiësto, Junkie XL, Osdorp Posse, Urban Dance Squad and Within Temptation, and among the bands from Groningen that have made their appearance were Arling & Cameron (winnaar Popprijs 2001), Benjamin B, de Boegies, LPG, Moonlizards and more recently The Black Atlantic, Krause and MakeBelieve.

A number of awards are presented every year during the festival, which include the Popprijs (which always includes a ‘beer shower’), the EBBA Awards and the Lex van Rossum Award (for European pop photography).